How to set up English search in Google Chrome

This blog post explains how to set up the default search engine to Google in English language in Google Chrome.

By default, if Google is the default search engine in Google Chrome, it returns the search result in the language of the country which is autodetected as the location of the computer. This is bad behavior for most English-speaking travelers, who always want the search results in English, no matter which country they are visiting.

To fix it for yourself, go to chrome://settings/searchEngines in Chrome, and add a new search engine named Google in English, the shortcut (second column) being gg , and the URL being http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%s . Save it, make it the default, and remove all other search engines with Google in their name.

From now on, you can type a search query to the address bar (optionally prefixed by gg and a space), and you will get Google results in English.

Unfortunately the search engine setting is not synchronized between your Google Chrome installations, so you have to configure it manually on each machine and login account.


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