How to set up a compact desktop theme on Ubuntu Lucid

This blog post explains how to set up a compact GNOME desktop theme on Ubuntu Lucid, i.e. such a theme which consumes little screen real estate, leaving space for the contents you work on.

Install and activate the necessary small fonts (FixedSC and Helvetica), as described in this blog post.

Select the FixedSC font in GNOME Terminal.

Run this command (without the $) to install GNOME themes:

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-themes{,-extras,-more,-selected,-ubuntu}

In System / Preferences / Appearance / Theme / Customize, select the following themes:

  • Controls: Simple
  • Window Border: Mist
  • Icons: Mist

Some of the changes take effect immediately, but you may have to restart some applications.


zsbana said...

Ooh… I'll have to look at this. I'm currently using IceWM with no title bar on windows and a very narrow taskbar (that needs a patch to IceWM in some cases). However, recently I've been thinking I should start to use one of these "desktop environments" instead, but what's stopping me is that I don't know how to set them up the same way.

shark0der said...

You have a typo in your post. The command should be

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-themes{,-extras,-more,-selected,-ubuntu}

Notice the dash before "ubuntu".

pts said...

@s3v3n: Thanks, fixed.