Python 3.2 binaries released in StaticPython for Linux

This blog post is to announce that StaticPython, a binary distribution of Python, has just released Python 3.2 binaries for Linux. (Previously StaticPython contained only Python 2.7 binaries.) Download links for the binaries:

  • python3.2: almost all built-in Python modules, C extensions (including sqlite3) and greenlet
  • stackless3.2: ditto, but with Stackless Python
  • stacklessxl3.2: ditto, and also OpenSSL (with the _ssl and _hashlib modules)

The Python 3.2 binaries of StaticPython can be useful on Linux and FreeBSD systems where Python 3.2 distribution packages are not available, and recompiling from source would be too inconvenient. They can also be used to demo the features of Python 3 for users with a little time and patience, and without a commitment to install it.

1 comment:

titanix88 said...

Thanks a lot for your efforts! Seriously, why nobody bothered to do this before? As a programmer who needs to write small utility programs for old linux servers with very old python installations, I just can't thank you enough. :)

- TB