jtty-builder: easy-to-install JSP web server for Unix

This blog post is an announcement for jtty-builder, an easy-to-install, lightweight webserver with a JSP container for Unix. More specifically, jtty-builder is just a set of shell scripts for Unix which automate downloading and building a lightweight Java web and application server for serving JSP (and Java servlets). The container used is Jtty, which uses Jetty, which uses parts of Apache Tomcat (mostly Jasper). Most steps are automated. There is no need to write configuration files.

See the most recent documentation of jtty-builder here.

To start serving a hello-world JSP page on Unix, do this:

  1. As a shortcut, you can use a prebuilt jttyp.jar instead of building one using jtty-builder. To do that, run the following command, and skip steps 1 to 5 (inclusive):
    $ wget -O jttyp.jar \
  2. Download jtty-builder:
    $ svn co http://pts-mini-gpl.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/jtty-builder
  3. Install java and javac. Example command on Ubuntu Lucid:
    $ sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk
  4. Use jtty-builder to download the sources of Jtty, Jetty and Tomcat:
    (cd jtty-builder && ./download_jttyp.jar)
  5. Use jtty-builder to build jttyp.jar:
    $ (cd jtty-builder && ./build_jttyp.jar)
  6. Copy jttyp.jar to the application directory:
    $ cp jtty-builder/jttyp.jar .
  7. Create your .war file or application directory. A simple example:
    $ mkdir Hello-World
    $ (echo '<html><head><title>JSP Test</title>'
       echo '<%! String message = "Hello, World."; %>'
       echo '</head><body><h2><%= message %></h2>'
       echo '<%= new java.util.Date() %></body></html>') >Hello-World/hi.jsp
    $ mkdir Hello-World/WEB-INF
    $ (echo '<web-app>'
       echo '<display-name>Hello World</display-name>'
       echo '</web-app>') >Hello-World/WEB-INF/web.xml
  8. Start the Java application server running your Hello-World application:
    java -jar jttyp.jar 8765 Hello-World

    (Keep the java application running.)

  9. Try the web page in your web browser by visiting Reload it to get the time updated.

    If you modify hi.jsp and reload the page, it gets autmatically recompiled and the new version will run.

See the Jtty project page for more information about using jtty.jar and jttyp.jar for staring Java web applications from the command line.

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