Announcement from the Unix kitchen staff

A restaurant called fork() has recently been opened in our office building. The name was suggested and chosen by engineers. I imagine what kind of e-mail announcements they would be sending if the kitchen was run by Unix engineers.

fork() will be close()d this week, but it will not be shutdown(), we'll open() it again, but you have to wait() a couple of days. In the meantime, our hard-working and prof()essional kitchen staff is not idle(): they are learning new Asian recipes. Please read() the signs before coming to check if fork() is open(). We hope you'll have a great time() eating Peking duck, a broad select()ion of sandwiches, and ricEAGAIN with nice(), un-break()able chopsticks, 5 times() a week. We have installed a new smoke extinguisher, which is splice()d to the oven, so it won't signal() the fire alarm() anymore unnecessarily. If you have feedback, please write() to us. Or fill our poll() from (see the new link() on the home page) to help us keep in sync() with the employees' taste. Your creat()ive ideas are also welcome to improve the furniture decoration – it can also be a clone() of a restaurant in popular culture, with some geek flavor added. Please note you don't have access() to the building from the exit() on the 3rd floor, so enter at the reception, but lock() your bike first outside, to one of the pipe()s. There is no need to pause() in break() 3 for coffee, there is a grinder in fork() now.

**environ-mentalist disclaimer: No silkworms were kill()ed for the outfit of our cooks.

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Nice joke...