How to configure dynamic DNS (dyndns) with OpenWRT and LuCI

This blog post tells you how to configure dynamic DNS (using dyndns.org) on your router running OpenWRT Kamikaze. The instructions havene be tested on a Linksys WRT54GL running OpenWRT Kamikaze (r14417).

Go to the menu System / Software. If you don't see package descriptions, click on the link Update package lists. Make sure you don't have the obsolete packages updatedd or ipupdate or ez-ipupdate. (You'll still find some old, obsolete forum posts recommending them on the net.) Install package luci-app-ddns.

Reboot (power-cycle) the router, or run rm -rf /var/luci-* in the SSH prompt. Without this step, the menu Services / Dynamic DNS doesn't appear.

Go to the menu Services / Dynamic DNS. Adjust your settings. The package supports dyndns.org, changeip.com, zoneedit.com, no-ip.com, and freedns.afraid.org . Please note that if you specify a force update interval less then 28 hours (the default is 72 hours), then dyndns.org will ban you. Click on the button Save & Apply.

Reboot (power-cycle) the router, or run INTERFACE=wan ACTION=ifup sh /etc/hotplug.d/iface/25-ddns in the SSH prompt. Without this step, the updater daemon script (/bin/sh /usr/lib/ddns/dynamic_dns_updater.sh myddns 0) is not started. This script sends the IP address update to the dynamic DNS provider. Wait a few minutes for the DNS update to take effect, then try to ping your new host name.


lImbus said...

does not work for me the first try on r18961. I installed luci-app-ddns and (it installed) ddns-scripts after uninstalling ez-ipupdate, rebooted, but the menu entry did not appear. neither in "administration" nor in "essentials".
then, after a second try (complete resetup) it worked like a charm.

Unknown said...

Super! Worked for me on Asus WL-500gP V2 running Kamikaze r14417.