Java .class file converter which makes method and fields public available

ClassPublic.Java is a Java .class file converter which makes a Java class public and non-final, its fields public and its methods public and non-final. ClassPublic.java has a compact implementation, depending only on a J2SE 1.5.0 or newer. ClassPublic.java can be used to increase interoperability and code reusability of a .class file whose .java source is not available or it is not feasible to recompile.

Download classpublic-latest.zip.

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pts said...

@m├╝zso: Thank you for mentioning JD. I used to use JAD for decompilation, but that seems to be abandonware now.

ClassPublic has an advantage over decompilation: with decompilation I'd have to distribute a modified .class file, which might be illegal (violating the license of the original software), but adding my ClassLoader to load classes from the original .jar file might be still legal.